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and yes, I still believe in Happily Ever After! :)

That moment when you look in the mirror all you see is scars and pain from the past and all you could do is to smile “I am done crying” 



I can relate to this

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[Trans] ViVi personality level test “Real 2PM”

Taecyeon: A self-reformed one. The noble and idealistic type.
He can differentiate right and wrong, fight for the justice as well.
He likes a change and although he keeps on improving, there is also a case when he turns into a perfectionist.
In his best condition, he can have a family with a great morals.
He himself consented on the said analysis. He even said to the members, “I’ll always be trying to reform for 2PM’s work!”

ViVi: Jun. K’s result is that he is pasionate person.
WY: Agree.
NK: He’s really diplomatic and sociable. He sings well, he’s also considerate of others’ feelings, and he has a lot of talents.
TY: He likes stimulation and he doesn’t have anything out of order.
JK: Thank you. (shy)

ViVi: Wooyoung’s result are 2 types. “Passionate person” and “Individualist person”
All: Wah… Double personality!! (laughs)
WY: … (bitter laugh)
TY: But those are exactly true. I think he’s both introvert and extrovert. Because, Wooyoung is sociable and he has many friends but on the other hand he has it in him to be a left-out person, and he likes loneliness as well. In plain words, he is somewhat a ‘pretty-outcast-person-that-matches-with-loneliness” (laughs)
JH: This diagnosis, is really sharp. It even guesses the sensitive things right. Although Wooyoung is a bright person, sadly he is the one that hurts more than anyone else. Whether just for a romance… We’ve never even seen that side of him in the least!

ViVi: Taecyeon’s analysis is a “self-reformed person”
TY: A noble moralist. Eung eung. Those are the results. (laughs)
ALL: We think those are relatively true.
WY: Since the early days when 2PM was formed, he attempted a reformation, didn’t he? He pushed the members forward by always saying “Let’s do this properly!” (laughs)
TY: I’m passionate for a reformation.

ViVi: Chansung’s result is the same with Jun. K’s, “Passionate person”.
JK: Eung. It’s similar.
TY: I’m not sure if he’s different from the talented type but should I say he equals to getting fired up altogether
CS: I dont have many talents compared to Jun. K
NK: He has many talents!
WY: True. He does Taekwondo, dances and sings well.
JH: Recently he’s also showing his talents in sports, isn’t he~ He also previously won over the agency’s head!!
CS: No no… (laughs)

ViVi: Actually, Junho’s result is also “passionate person” like Jun. K and Chansung.
ALL: As expected!
JK: He plays drum and composes songs too. On the other hand, he also does well in acting, he’s able to do any work-out as well.
WY: Those are not everything. He’s also quick in reading books (laughs)
JK: He does everything with speed. Really quick. He might be a “Quick person” rather than “passionate person” (laughs)

ViVi: Nichkhun’s result is “Man of accomplishment”
JH: He’s described as an “ambitious person”!
CS: Is Nichkhun that ambitious…?
TY: He has an ambition. This is a basic information about Nichkhun. (laughs)
JH: He always works hard to be successful.
WY: I think he is one born to be successful.
JH: He also works hard when not seen by everyone. Because Nichkhun is also good in managing himself.
CS: Physical, mental control, everything.
WY: I think Nichkhun likes working more than anyone else. So he drives himself strictly till now.
JK: But there’s no “considerate person” element in his result. That’s the only missed point.
NK: This diagnosis fits all the members pretty well.
TY: I’m not sure if the content between people with the same results, are different or not, there are many right things mentioned here.
JH: Ah. I want to get my fortune told!

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@daianmendoza HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUZ!!!    Wishing all the best in life, as in asin!  Basta andito lang ako to make tawa here and there, make kinig here and there, and I’ll always be here for you kahit madaling araw ka na magtext   ANYHOOOOO…. enjoy! Kasi alam ko lahat ng dala mong good vibes at saya naihahawa mo saming lahat  Iloveyou and see you sa garay  ako naman ang pupunta  WEEKendRituals  hahahaha MUWAH!


My favorite Khun hair, of ALL time!


"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." -Robin Williams. Over the years, he has brought my family together thru much laughter and tears in his work. We are all so saddened by this tragic news. Sending prayers to all his family and friends. He will never be forgotten. R.I.P❤

it’s all about the heels! :)